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About Your Home Inspection Report

Our Home Inspection Report is designed to lay out in easy to understand jargon all the information that I discover and shared during the inspection process.
My report is comprehensive with photos and illustrations to simplify your understanding as you progress through the report.


  • It sets priorities for the various home improvements recommended
  • It explains implications of problems. For example: the implication of a cracked Heat Exchanger in a Furnace, or the implication of reverse polarity on a Electrical receptacle or the implications of a leaking Water Heater etc.
  • Although a Home Inspection is a technical process my report to you will provide clarity. It will be easy for you and to understand.
  • I provide a summary of the report at the beginning of the report only addressing the significant items such as roof replacement, Electrical, Plumbing or Heating issues.

1st.IN PLACE Home Inspections Inc. is one of the preferred home inspection companies for realtors in Calgary and the surrounding areas. We provide you with summary of all the significant issues raised and are licensed, bonded & insured to give you valuable tips on safety. The owner answers your questions promptly and oversees every project to make certain that each client is fully satisfied with our services.

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