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Home Inspection Before Selling

A Sellers Home Inspection Guide

If you’re selling your home, organizing a home inspection before selling, and putting it on the market is a great idea because it offers several advantages, including:


  1. You and I will go through your home and find any deficiencies.
  2. You will have the deficiencies corrected.
  3. You then list your home. Have inspection report available for buyer to view if you wish.
  4. The Buyer`s  inspector find very little in their inspection to report which is appealing to the Buyer.
  5. This process may very well help you have your home on the market for less time and help you get your asking price or close to it.
  6. Having a seller inspection is a prudent step to take before selling your home. It helps to remove any unforeseen contingencies.

Home Inspection For Sellers: Pre-listing Inspections


Pre-listing inspections is quickly becoming a popular service! Performing an inspection before a home is listed is a valuable tool to help sell your home.

Sellers Home Inspection: The Benefits

Benefits of Home Inspection for Sellers


  • Your home may sell faster.
  • Eliminate having buyers walk away because they think there is a problem with the house.
  • Avoid renegotiating based on a Buyer’s inspector’s findings
  • Decide if you want to fix any problems identified or recognize existing issues and reflect them in the purchase price. That way, potential problems won’t be used as a negotiating tool against you.

A Seller Home Inspection: Why Choose Us?

1st.In Place Home Inspections Inc – A Dependable Seller’s Home Inspection Service

1st.In Place Home Inspections Inc. is a beneficial, cost effective and an educational Calgary home inspection service. I offer a quality home inspection and a comprehensive home inspection report.In order to make the process of selling your home as smooth as possible – consider organizing a home inspection before selling, and putting your home on the market.

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